Technical Working Group


The PFI Technical Working Group (TWG) comprises sub-groups on the following topics:

1.) Visible and Near-Infrared interferometry (coordinator: Romain Petrov/Nice)
2.) Mid-infrared interferometry (coordinator: Michael Ireland/ANU)
3.) Far-infrared interferometry (coordinator: Stephen Rinehard/NASA-Goddard)
4.) Millimeter interferometry (coordinator: Andrea Isella/Rice)
5.) Space-based systems (coordinator: Gautam Vashisht/JPL)
6.) Heterodyne (coordinator: Ernest Michael/Universidad de Chile)
7.) Adaptive optics and laser guide stars (coordinator: Theo ten Brummelaar/GSU)
8.) Fringe tracking (coordinator: Antoine Merand/ESO)
9.) Telescopes and enclosures (coordinator: John Monnier/Michigan)
10.) Beam relay (coordinator: Dave Mozurkewich/Seabrook)
11.) Beam combination optics (coordinator: Stefano Minardi/Jena)
12.) Image reconstruction (coordinator: Fabien Baron/GSU)
13.) Intermediate-scale facilities (coordinator: Michelle Creech-Eakman/NMT)
14.) Beam relay (coordinator: Dave Mozurkewich/NMT)

New members are able to join at any time with permission of the topic coordinators.  In order to express your interest, please use the web form below or contact us via email to: twg@planetformationimager.orgmailto:swg@planetformationimager.orgshapeimage_1_link_0