Science Working Group


The PFI Science Working Group (SWG) is lead by the Project Scientist (Stefan Kraus/Exeter) 
and comprises sub-groups on the following topics:

1.) Protoplanetary Disk Structure & Physics (coordinator: Neal Turner/JPL)
2.) Planet Formation Signatures in PMS Disks (coordinator: Stefan Kraus/Exeter)
3.) Protoplanet Properties & Detection (coordinator: Catherine Espaillat/Boston)
4.) Late Stages of Planetary System Formation (coordinator: Johan Olofsson/Antofagasta)
5.) Planetary System Architecture (coordinator: Christoph Mordasini/Bern)
6.) Planet Formation in Multiple Systems (coordinator: Gaspard Duchene/Berkeley)
7.) Star Forming Regions / Target Selection (coordinator: Keivan Stassun/Vanderbilt)
8.) Secondary Science Case: Exoplanet-related Science (coordinator: Gautam Vasisht/JPL)
9.) Secondary Science Case: Stellar Astrophysics (coordinator: Claudia Paladini/ULB Brussels)
10.) Secondary Science Case: Extragalactic Science (coordinator: Sebastian Hoenig/Southampton)