Science Working Group


The PFI Science Working Group (SWG) is lead by the Project Scientist (Stefan Kraus/Exeter) 
and comprises sub-groups on the following topics:

1.) Protoplanetary Disk Structure & Physics (coordinator: Neal Turner/JPL)
2.) Planet Formation Signatures in PMS Disks (coordinator: Attila Juhasz/Cambridge)
3.) Protoplanet Properties & Detection (coordinator: Catherine Espaillat/Boston)
4.) Late Stages of Planetary System Formation (coordinator: Johan Olofsson/Antofagasta)
5.) Planetary System Architecture (coordinator: Christoph Mordasini/Bern)
6.) Planet Formation in Multiple Systems (coordinator: Gaspard Duchene/Berkeley)
7.) Star Forming Regions / Target Selection (coordinator: Keivan Stassun/Vanderbilt)
8.) Secondary Science Case: Exoplanet-related Science (coordinator: Gautam Vasisht/JPL)
9.) Secondary Science Case: Stellar Astrophysics (coordinator: Claudia Paladini/ULB Brussels)
10.) Secondary Science Case: Extragalactic Science (coordinator: Sebastian Hoenig/Southampton)

New members are able to join at any time with permission of the topic coordinators.  In order to express your interest, please use the web form below or contact us via email to: swg@planetformationimager.orgmailto:swg@planetformationimager.orgshapeimage_1_link_0